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Watch DARKNESS -- Platformer Week -- 8 Bits To Infinity from YourBr0ther on Youtube

Cool little game! Little sound effects, cool menu music. I like the fact that we could see the level with the echo, but it was too unlimited. Making it limited could make the game more challenging. Also, there's a level where you get the light, and when you try to jump to your left, the platform above is solid and makes it difficult to jump. Good job!

Watch 8 Bits to Infinity ~ Platformer Week | !queue !faq from MrJoshuaMcLean on

Fun cute little game! I liked the idea of having the ability to see more of the room but I would suggest that it should've been a sort of limited  ability with either a timed cool-down or a limited number of uses, it  gives the game more of a challenge and you have to really be sure it will be useful to use it. Now, I kinda understand why you did it this way since you made the light around the player dimmer and that was (i suppose) the challenge which each level. Then again, very fun game. I enjoyed it! Awesome job!