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Watch Doing So Much With So Little! -- 8 Bits To Infinity -- Two Button Jam from YourBr0ther on Youtube

I'mjust plain not good at this. A bit fast for me, and its really hard to dodge enemy shots.

Watch 8 Bits to Infinity ~ Two Button Jam Part 2 from MrJoshuaMcLean on

Pretty solid gameplay, quite hard but I liked the challenge. I like the graphics feedback regarding the ship health. Congrats!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

I enjoyed playing, sometimes it was difficult to switch directions when tapping the button and i couldn't always make out the power-up icon, but it is a neat concept and the art looks awesome!

Thanks! I also really like those assets by Kenney. Will probably have different colored or bigger power up icons in later versions.


The only issue I had was the game didn't seem to display lives and sometimes it seemed the score was not really working.  The controls were interesting.  Some of the powerups were quite strong and sometimes I wasn't aware what the powerup was.

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Thanks! There is no life counter per say but the ship gets graphically damaged. The score doesn't go up if you kill the enemy off screen. I agree that the power ups are not easily distinguisable.


Ahh, so that would be one incentive not to spam shooting.


Very nice game! Quite hard too. On second or third try I realized that staying in one place the whole time is much easier because you are actually much harder to hit, and you can even destroy ennemy projectiles that are in front of you to defend. It felt like cheating since the game is much harder (and more fun) when you actually move. This is my final score :

Love the music and graphics, and the controls feel really nice.

Well done!!


Thanks! I plan to have a setting for the difficulty. In the meantime, I have slowed the enemies a bit so it is more playable as intended.


Very nice little game! The pace is good and it's very challenging, particularly at first. It might have been easier to have automatic firing and using your 2 buttons for left and right - though that is a more conventional approach and I quite like the novel controls you've got here. I got 60 points YESSS!

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Thanks! I had a feeling that many would be using the left/right or up/down approach for the jam so I tried not to :)


I really liked the game! It has some cool things to it, my only "problem" is, why do you have a button for shooting? since there is no ammo, i wouldn't see a reason not to shoot, so I clicked the shoot button non-stop, if you would've made shooting automatic you had another button to do another action, but all in all, fun game!


Thanks! I liked the idea of being able to charge my shot to get multiple enemies at once.

Oh that's right, you can charge your shots, forgot about that...

I saw you sharing the game on discord and am excited to try it. Really appreciate you sharing the source on Github! 


Thanks! I hope you will like it.