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im stuck on the last one

stripe?  maybe cats tail is the key?

i already got the cats tail

 then it could be lots of spots ...maybe you can check a you-tube walk-trough! 

im talking about the birthday cake one

the light grey that looks like a stripe is not a stripe if you are missing a stripe from another location, the stripe from left is near cake that you can take. 


I'm loving your puzzle games 

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Somewhere in here there is a copied link to a cute cat that sends Korean love to all! 

loved it! the art is super clean too, i especially loved the weird cryptid thing in the woods :D

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The zebra appreciates your effort! Is probably feeling  good to know you helped somebody get back on their feet!...yes the woods hold many mysteries ...also a good place to find mushrooms lol! Also Fun Fact about Zebras: they stripe patter  is unique to each zebra sort of like a fingerprint is to a human!

Oh that's so cool!! :0 Now I'm imagining zebra detectives using stripe prints to track another down lol

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Dang it, I'm stuck on the last stripe! I used up all of my items (including the ones for the birthday cake easter egg), but I can't find anything else!

Update: Found the last stripe! Clever you!


This is so cute

Too bad we didn't get a chance to obtain badges for the achievements!:)That  would have been: The Tip of the iceberg for us! I wonder If I should start making improved art and more levels for this game... 

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Great game! I like the art and the way it wasn't too difficult (not too easy either, that cake was hard to find lol). Anyway I liked it, good job!

I am glad you liked it and thanks for the feedback! 


Really had a good time with the game! I liked the art style of it a lot and the puzzles were simple but had a nice balance of having to go back and forth to collect everything and figure each area out. The concept of getting a Zebra's stripes was a cute one. Good job overall!

Thanks a lot! Glad you enjoyed the game.

Nice game. I'm not a real fan of point and click, but this one was exactly right to keep me motivated to finish it :D
The graphics are awesome. Really like the style.
The Birthday cake stripes took me way too long at the end.
Did you plan to do something with the moon that has a earthworm shape in it? It was really confusing to me :D

The earthworn in the moon is ment to be a hint. The crows are stacked to get to it because they want worms.


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Thanks again for playing on stream! Gave us great feedback!

No problem!

Wonderful game! Really love the spooky (but not scary) atmosphere. Took quite a while to find all the stripes. :)


Thanks a lot! It feels good to know people are enjoying the game! :)
U.....U and remember what the dormouse says: Feed your head!:) 

This was amazing! I usually don't play these types of click on games as they usually make me press on everything. But this was a challenge and yet so much fun! The art style in the game is right up my alley and over all this was just a great game :D

I don't know if you've heard of Game Development World Championship before (gdwc2019) but it's a competition for indie game developers where they can submit their games and it's free! It's great if you want some more visibility for the game and it only takes a couple of minutes to join :)

Thanks so much! I hadn't heard of it. But it seems very interesting. Will defenitely check that out!

Great work both of you. The art is fantastic and it's not just click on everything until it works. Took me bit to really start seeing the patterns. Also, probably the best tutorial.

Thanks! The tutorial I wanted to make the x button the crow eye so you get stuck there a bit until you find the x. :)) But Again Thanks and here is a cat for you.
/--/-----/-/ wooosh!

Thanks! I am amazed at how quickly Hamsterspit can come up with ideas and draw them.


I always love the concept point and clic. The graphic is so cute! To play this game, you must be patient hehe! Good job! Love that!

Thanks a lot! :) let;s see if i can make a bunny...

Lovely game! The drawings were adorable and the game was very challenging too. I spent so long figuring out the last stripe, got so frustrated because the cake did not have one haha, but in the end I figured out what that paper on the tree was for! Great work!


Thanks a lot maybe we can make more puzzles for everybody to enjoy!

Enjoyed this a lot! Took me about 20 minutes to finish in the end. Had fun figuring out the various puzzles and even found the cake. Very well done indeed.

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it!


Yeah! thanks for playing we even had more forest to add but no time to do it!:)