A downloadable game for Windows


++Download and edit/replace files in Connectex_Data\Resources for Part  2++

 Created by Ludivine "lilou_cormic" Cormier for Shape Jam II: Art Edition [8 Bits to Infinity]

Contains music ©2019 Retro Indie Josh (retroindiejosh.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International

- Fixed High Score
- Improved player movement

Made withUnity
Tags2D, Arcade, Endless, Unity
Average sessionA few seconds


Connectex.zip 21 MB
ConnectexMacOSX.zip 23 MB


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Mkey, cool but very fast ...if the screen should scroll down slower or at least pick up speed gradually...maybe it does but i haven't got there yet. Also would be nice to make a collectible dot that shows you the future layout of the dots or slows the scrolling for a bit. I had to see the Setting button to know how to play it.  :)
Congrats, but the artsy frog one doesn't download  on my pc. 

Fun game, once I figured out (with @Jorava's help) what was going on!  The first time, I didn't check the "Settings" button, and had no idea.  I thought it was some sort of puzzle game, and was trying to click things with the mouse, and it seemed like nothing worked and I would just go to "Game Over" after a couple seconds.

For those who come later: this is just a vertical scrolling obstacle-avoidance game.  You are the white dot.  The world will scroll down, and you need to keep up by moving left and right, stepping only on the orange dots.  That's it... not too complicated once you know.  :)

Interesting mechanic, pretty challenging! It took me a while to know what I was supposed to do other than go at orange dots. After a few deaths I realized I needed to stay on-screen and avoid black dots. The inputs didn't work all the time, and sometimes a single press took me 2-3 moves to that direction, crashing me into a black dot (it's a distinct possibility this was due to my wireless keyboard, but just pointing it out in case it isn't). The "teleporting" is a bit distracting though, hard to make out what's going on. I think the one thing the game needs is to scroll down instead of "jumping down", for clarity. My best attempt was 156. Highscore system didn't work, my "best" stayed 00000. Nice concept and interpretation of the theme though!


I agree that the downward movement should be smooth rather than instant. However I did not have time to get done.

I have now fixed the highscore and player movement. Thanks for pointing those out.

Glad you managed to fix them