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Watch Weekly Game Jam Catch-up from MrJoshuaMcLean on

Haha, I love this, it takes me back...


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For some reason I'm following you and I don't know why.
Anyhow, I tested your game and I it looks good. Sad that you didn't manage to put all your ideas into it.
I found a little bug, when you shoot off the island. The bullet flies forever and the game is hard-locked. So, maybe put some trigger area in the water which will destroy the bullet ;)
Keep in mind that you play as dumb as possible when testing your games.

One last thing. I really like the destruction effect on the ground. Do you have a tutorial for that? Because I'm really interested in this effect.

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Haha, I followed you for your Lone Survivor game and you followed me back.


There is a trigger in the water to destroy bullets and tanks. However it is not infinite so you might get passed it. I now use a timer or max x/y coordinates in this type of situation but had not in this game. I might fix it.

The destruction effect is from a plugin from the Unity Asset store called Smart Slicer 2D by FunkyCode (I haven't got to adding the credits in the game description yet). Since then they made another plugin called Smart Destruction 2D which might be more appropriate.

Ok, that solve the mistery :D

Thanks for the hint to the asset. I have actually seen it before, but forgot to save it to my asset lists.
Is it worth the money?