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Nice variation on Tetris! A few things that might help improve it:

  • The play area is quite wide and makes for long duration games. A narrower level might work better?
  • Some sort of feint grid behind the playing area to denote where the columns lie would be helpful. I sometimes dropped a shape and it missed the intended spot by 1 place.
  • It's nice to have some 'slip time', that is being able to move left and right for a moment when the active piece has collided with something rather than just stopping as soon as you collide.

All the best with your revision!

Thanks a lot for the feedback! Those are good points. The 'slip time' is already a priority ;)

Good luck on your revision as well!


Interesting take on a classic game. I keep wanting to collect coins by making sue the shapes touched them as they fall down only to end up placing the shape on the coin. :P Maybe that's an angle that could be approached.

I can see how the theme was implemented with coins being a way to lose the game but I wasn't sure when and how I bought a bomb. I know that you press "E" or Middle Mouse Button to purchase them but I must have done it by mistake because they appear and it felt like it was more like a reward rather than done by me. :)

This fits well to be a mobile title. Nice work.

Promising, but there's a lot of issues. A few things to consider:

  • parts of GUI cut off (scaling issue?)
  • what's the 'right' way to get rid of a ! block?
  • overall, a lot of the mechanics are unpredictable
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Thanks for playing!

The GUI issue is only when playing the web version not in full screen. I could not get it to scale properly with Unity 2019.

The 'right' way to get rid of ! block is by touching the less blocks of a same color possible. Normally it should only take your current coins. However a bug make it that the score also drops.

Unpredictable in what way? I know it's missing some explanation and that there are some collision bugs when rotating. However the rest always works as expected. 

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