Nextered: Make barriers to destroy the enemy field

- WASD or arrow keys to move
- Move on the map to create barriers to destroy parts of the map
- Level is won when 85% of more is destroyed
- Score is calculated from the map destruction percentage and the time it took

Made in less than a week for Anything Goes Jam [8 Bits to Infinity] using the limitations The player cannot use weapons and The player character cannot walk.

Contains music ©2019 Retro Indie Josh (
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International

Contains fonts ©2014 Emmeran RICHARD ( and ©2018 The ZCOOL QingKe HuangYou Project Authors (

Contains assets (graphics and sounds) by Kenney (

Source code available on GitHub.


Download 27 MB


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Watch Anything Goes Jam Feedback Part 1/3 from MrJoshuaMcLean on

Awesome entry! Loved these games as a kid and this was a cool take on the genre and all in one week excellent work. The mechanics were all really polished and killing the other planes was very satisfying!

Thanks a lot! I based the game off Volfied, a table arcade game I used to play at a hamburger place when I was a teenager.

Really cool game! I enjoy the fact that it's turn based, it makes it more puzzly than usual for this kind of games. Visually it's simple yet very polished. I would have preferred having only one life but not having to restart the whole game after loosing, but maybe it's personal preference. I like how you handled all the edge cases, it always seemed fair (probably because they're all winning hehe). Well done Ludivine! Looking forward for your next game ^^


Thanks a lot! It's arcade style, there is no 'end' that's why it's 3 lives and Game Over. That being said, I want to add power ups and ways to earn lives, and more enemy types, and missle towers and such. Projectiles would also move turn-based.