Pirasea: 100 people are trying to get to safety. Can they all make it? You may have to sacrifice the few to save the many.

Move groups of people (white-sailed ships) one space at the time to get to safety (yellow star). Avoid the kamikaze attackers (pirate ships). If two groups go on the same space, they will join as a new group.

Controls: Mouse (Left-click)

  • Left-click ship (not highlighted) to select it
  • Left-click selected ship to unselect it
  • Left-click highlighted tile to move selected ship
    • If moved on an ally ship they will join
    • If moved on a pirate ship they will be destroyed
  • Right-click anywhere to clear the selection


Game Design & Programming by lilou_cormic (purplecable.ca)
Music by Retro Indie Josh (retroindiejosh.com)
Pre-made assets are credited in-game

Revamp of Can't save them all! made for Ludum Dare 43


Pirasea_020_Windows.zip 25 MB
Pirasea_020_MacOSX.zip 24 MB
Pirasea_020_Linux.zip 25 MB
Pirasea.apk 31 MB

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