Revision of Money is Life for Revision Jam [8 Bits to Infinity Anniversary]

v 0.3.0

  • Fix screen size issues
  • Add screen transitions
  • Add settings menu (for music and sfx volumes)
  • Fix issue with button hover/select
  • Have a smaller grid size
  • Have a background grid
  • Code-based logic (no longer physics-based)
  • Fix "game over" detection
  • Have a bomb explosion animation
  • Fix rotation collision bugs

- Move tetromino: A / Left - D / Right
- Make tetromino fall: S / Down
- Rotate tetromino: W / Up / Left-click
- Rotate board: Space / Right-click
- Buy bomb tetromino: E / Middle-click

- Move and rotate tetrominos and/or rotate the board
- Match 3 or more blocks. Match coin blocks to score points
- Current number of coins is at the top
- If you run out of coins, the game is over
- If blocks go too high, the game is over
- Score is the total number of coins you collected
- Buying bombs or hitting ! blocks will cost you coins

- Controller support
- Have a delay before attaching
- Add more colors as you progress
- Make the speed increase more noticeable
- Tutorial
- Pause menu


Game Design & Programming by lilou_cormic (
Music by Retro Indie Josh (
Pre-made assets are credited in-game


Rototetro 0.3.0 - 24 MB
Rototetro 0.3.0 - 26 MB
Rototetro 0.3.0 - 27 MB


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